Frequently Asked Questions


How much are Eagle Watch Assessments?  Eagle Watch Assessments are $862.64 for 2022.  $457.64 is due January 15th, late January 30th; $405.00 is due April 1st, late April 15th.

Why do I pay more in January than I pay in April?  As an Eagle Watch member, you also automatically become a member of the Towne Lake Residential Owners' Association (TLROA). The TLROA is the master association for Towne Lake. The TLROA assesses a fee each year that is due in January and payable through your sub-association.


What are the On-Site Management Office Hours and where is the office located?  The On-Site Management Office is open 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM Monday through Friday. The office is located at the main pool pavilion, lower level across from the tennis courts.

Who do I call in the event of an emergency relating to Association property or issues?  If the emergency involves harm to life, property or a criminal issue, please call 9-1-1 immediately. For other issues, contact the On-Site Management Office at (770) 517-2980. If it is after normal business hours, contact Access Management Group at (770) 777-6890.

How do I contact Association management?

On-Site Access Management Group
Phone: (770) 517-2980 Phone: (770) 777-6890
Fax: (770) 517-2981 Fax: (678) 669-2804

Newsletter & Telephone Directory

Does the community have a newsletter? The Association distributes a print newsletter on a bi-monthly basis.

Is advertising permitted in the community newsletter? Advertising is permitted in newsletter. Please contact KDA Communications for more information.  Aileen Kronke,, (678) 895-3861.

Does the community have a telephone directory? Yes, the community distributes a community telephone directory every other year.

Is advertising permitted? Yes. Please contact KDA Communications for advertising information. Aileen Kronke,, (678) 895-3861

Where do I send corrections/updates to my directory entry?


When do the pools open? The pools normally open in May each year. A packet containing instructions on obtaining an Eagle Watch picture ID, codes and pool hours is mailed to each Homeowner in good standing before the pools open.

When do the pools close? The pools close in September. A packet containing instructions on obtaining an Eagle Watch picture ID, codes and pool hours is mailed to each Homeowner in good standing before the pools open.

What do I need to get into the pools? You must have the appropriate Eagle Watch ID to get into the pools. All Eagle Watch residents 12 and older must have a picture ID to use association amenities. Please look for the pool rules mailer for information on obtaining an ID in May.

Property Modifications

Do all exterior modifications have to be approved by the Architectural Control Committee? Yes, all modifications should be approved by the Architectural Committee prior to modification. Repairs, such as repainting a house the same color or replacing rotten wood do not need approval as long as they do not change the exterior appearance of the property.

Where can I get the appropriate modification request form? The modification request form is available at the management office (usually on the front door), in the community telephone directory and on this website under documents.  Modification Request Form


How do we stop soliciting? The Association places signs stating no soliciting at the entrances to discourage solicitors from entering the community. The unfortunate fact is, however, the Association cannot stop or control solicitation in the community. The roads are owned and maintained by Cherokee County; therefore, they are public roads. The only way to keep a solicitor off of your property is to have the approved no soliciting sticker on your mailbox. If you have the sticker and a solicitor approaches your property, you can call 9-1-1 and have the solicitor removed. Also, if the solicitor does not have the proper county permit, you can call 9-1-1 and have the solicitor removed. Political and religious groups are exempt from these rules. If something is attached to the mailbox, you can contact the Postmaster. The Postmaster will send the company notice not to place anything on or in the mailbox or risk being fined.

Street Lights

Who do I call for street light repairs? The street lights are owned and maintained by Cobb EMC. Street light repairs should be reported directly to Cobb EMC at (678) 355-3432 or

Tennis Courts

How do I reserve a tennis court? Contact the Tennis Pro Shop, (770) 926-8508.

Is there league play at Eagle Watch? Eagle Watch has many different leagues available for all skills and ages. Contact the Tennis Pro Shop for more information.

Are tennis lessons available at Eagle Watch? Eagle Watch has many experienced tennis pros on staff to meet all of your tennis needs.

What is the EWTA? The EWTA, Eagle Watch Tennis Association, is a group of tennis enthusiast formed in the community separate of the Homeowners' Association to support and manage the tennis program. The Eagle Watch HOA does not financial support the tennis program or the EWTA.

Do I have to join the EWTA to use the tennis courts? No, EWTA membership is not required to use the tennis facilities for Eagle Watch Homeowners.


Does the Homeowners' Association have a clubhouse? The HOA does not have a clubhouse.

How do I rent the clubhouse? The clubhouse is owned by the Eagle Watch Golf Club. Contact the golf club at (770) 591-1000.


How do I obtain community documents? All community documents are available on this website in the document section. A full set of governing documents can be obtained for $5.00 from the On-Site Management Office.

Where are the rules for maintenance of a property published? The rules for the Association governing the maintenance of a property can be found in Section VI of the Eagle Watch Declaration of Covenants, Restrictions and Easements and the Eagle Watch Design and Maintenance Standards.

Fitness Center

How do I get in the fitness center? You must have an electronic keycard. The keycard can be obtained from the On-Site Manager. A $10.00 deposit check is required to obtain the keycard.

What are the fitness center hours? The fitness center is open daily 5:00 AM - 11:00 PM.

How old does someone have to be to enter the fitness center without an adult? For safety reasons, anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult 18 or older.


How do I obtain replacement parts for my mailbox? Eagle Watch has selected a new mailbox post vendor. The new style of mailbox is a more substantial and a less failure prone style. The new mailbox post is not an exact match, but is very close to the current style.

The Board of Directors is not requiring a switch to the new style of mailbox post. As it becomes time to replace your mailbox post, the Board is requesting you switch to the new style of mailbox. No one will be asked to switch to the new style unless their mailbox post is damaged beyond repair.

The mailbox posts in the community are looking very poor at this time. We are asking all homeowners to evaluate the condition of your mailbox and mailbox post. Most mailboxes and mailbox posts need some sort of minor maintenance. Please complete this maintenance as soon as possible. 

If your mailbox and mailbox post are in need of a major overhaul, please consider installing the new mailbox post at this time. The new mailbox company is Addresses of Distinction.  Please visit to order your new mailbox system.

Replacement parts for the existing mailbox post can still be obtained from Global Home Product.  (770) 409-8292.


Electricity – Cobb EMC (770) 429-2100 

Water – Cherokee Water and Sewerage Authority (770) 479-1813

Gas – There is not one provider for natural gas in the state of Georgia. You can choose your own provider. The approved providers for the state can be found at

Cable – Comcast (800) 934-6489 

Phone – AT&T (888) 288-2020 

Trash Disposal - There are many trash disposal companies that serve this area. The preferred provider for Eagle Watch is Cycle Works Sanitation. Cycle Works has an Eagle Watch rate, so make sure you tell them you want the Eagle Watch rate. (770) 592-1515.